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30W, 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W ECO RANGE FLOOD LIGHT

Flood light which comes with compact & sturdy design, light weight with robust die- cast aluminium housing & corrosion proof suitable for general outdoor application.


100W, 150W, 200W, 250W, 30W, 50W


Cool White, Natural White, Warm White

Suitable for :
  • Courtyards
  • Indoor stadiums
  • Outdoor stadiums
  • Residential areas
  • Industrial premises
  • Classic and sturdy design with better heat dissipation
  • Choice of different colour temperatures, to highlight spaces effectively
  • Compact design with IP65 protection
  • Available in different dimensions and powers
  • High lumen output with 110-130 Lm/Watt gives bright light
  • Fast and straight forward installation
Material Die cast Aluminium with Glass cover and PC Reflector
Body Color Black
Light Source Everlight
Rated Luminous Efficacy 110-130 Lm/W
LED Life Time >50000 Hrs
Input Voltage AC 220-240V
Input Frequency 50-60 Hz
Efficiency 90%
IP Rating IP65
Model No. Power (W) Lumens CCT (K) CRI Beam Angle Dimension (mm)
FLDNE-30-K30 30W 3300lms±10% 3000K >80 100º L:182 W:184
FLDNE-30-K40 30W 3300lms±10% 4000K >80 100º L:182 W:184
FLDNE-30-K65 30W 3300lms±10% 6500K >80 100º L:182 W:184
FLDNE-50-K30 50W 5500lms±10% 3000K >80 100º L:220 W:225
FLDNE-50-K40 50W 5500lms±10% 4000K >80 100º L:220 W:225
FLDNE-50-K65 50W 5500lms±10% 6500K >80 100º L:220 W:225
FLDNE-100-K30 100W 11000lms±10% 3000K >80 100º L:282 W:275
FLDNE-100-K40 100W 11000lms±10% 4000K >80 100º L:282 W:275
FLDNE-100-K65 100W 11000lms±10% 6500K >80 100º L:282 W:275
FLDNE-150-K30 150W 16500lms±10% 3000K >80 120º L:290 W:290
FLDNE-150-K40 150W 16500lms±10% 4000K >80 120º L:290 W:290
FLDNE-150-K65 150W 16500lms±10% 6500K >80 120º L:290 W:290
FLDNE-200-K30 200W 22000lms±10% 3000K >80 120º L:315 W:335
FLDNE-200-K40 200W 22000lms±10% 4000K >80 120º L:315 W:335
FLDNE-200-K65 200W 22000lms±10% 6500K >80 120º L:315 W:335
FLDNE-250-K30 250W 27500lms±10% 3000K >80 120º L:300 W:385
FLDNE-250-K40 250W 27500lms±10% 4000K >80 120º L:300 W:385
FLDNE-250-K65 250W 27500lms±10% 6500K >80 120º L:300 W:385

*D=Diameter; H=Height

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