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5W, 8W, 15W, 18W, 22W Sleek LED Downlights

Range of downlights offering different options in sizes and lumen output along with higher system efficacy and excellent lighting uniformity for interior applications


Cool White, Natural White, Warm White


05W, 08W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 22W

Suitable for :
  • Home
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Corridor
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Shops
  • Provides a natural lighting effect for accent lighting applications
  • Slim and elegant design
  • High lumen output with 100-120 Lm/Watt gives bright light
  • Choice of different colour temperatures, to highlight spaces effectively
  • Available in different dimensions and powers
  • Quick and easy installation
Material Polycarbonate
Body Color White
Light Source Everlight
Rated Luminous Efficacy 100-120 Lm/W
LED Life Time >50000 Hrs
Input Voltage AC 220-240V
Input Frequency 50-60 Hz
Efficiency 90%
IP Rating IP44
Model No. Power (W) Lumens CCT (K) CRI Beam Angle Dimension (mm)
LMN-EY-05-RD-K30 5 500lms±10% 3000K >80 110º D:63.5, H:35, C:60
LMN-EY-05-RD-K40 5 500lms±10% 4000K >80 110º D:63.5, H:35, C:60
LMN-EY-05-RD-K65 5 500lms±10% 6500K >80 110º D:63.5, H:35, C:60
LMN-EY-08-RD-K30 8 800lms±10% 3000K >80 110º D:102, H:35, C:96
LMN-EY-08-RD-K40 8 800lms±10% 4000K >80 110º D:102, H:35, C:96
LMN-EY-08-RD-K65 8 800lms±10% 6500K >80 110º D:102, H:35, C:96
LMN-EY-15-RD-K30 15 1500lms±10% 3000K >80 110º D:127, H:35, C:115
LMN-EY-15-RD-K40 15 1500lms±10% 4000K >80 110º D:127, H:35, C:115
LMN-EY-15-RD-K65 15 1500lms±10% 6500K >80 110º D:127, H:35, C:115
LMN-EY-18-RD-K30 18 1800lms±10% 3000K >80 110º D:152, H:35, C:140
LMN-EY-18-RD-K40 18 1800lms±10% 4000K >80 110º D:152, H:35, C:140
LMN-EY-18-RD-K65 18 1800lms±10% 6500K >80 110º D:152, H:35, C:140
LMN-EY-22-RD-K30 22 2200lms±10% 3000K >80 110º D:208.5, H:35, C:190
LMN-EY-22-RD-K40 22 2200lms±10% 4000K >80 110º D:208.5, H:35, C:190
LMN-EY-22-RD-K65 22 2200lms±10% 6500K >80 110º D:208.5, H:35, C:190

*D=Diameter; H=Height

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